'Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors' Gives Fans One Last Reason to Cheer for the Holidays



Fans of Dolly Parton are getting a special post-Christmas treat on Thursday. NBC is re-airing Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors, delivering a feel-good story behind the country music legend's childhood to wrap up the holiday family time in a great way.

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The film is based on a true story from Parton and was followed by a sequel film in 2016 titled Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. Both films take their name from the album and song of the same name released by Parton in 1971.

Parton's song tells the story of how her mother stitched a coat together using rags that had been given to them. Her mother weaves it in with the story of Joseph and his "coat of many colors." While the school kids still make fun of Parton in the song, she shares the moral that "poor" people are only that way if they choose to be. Even without money, the coat was full of riches for the young country legend.
The film covers a lot of the same territory but has become quite the delight for fans of Parton and her music. It expands beyond the song to cover Parton's childhood and some of the hardships she faced growing up in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains back in 1955.
Despite the film releasing in 2015, plenty were excited to see it return to the NBC airwaves for a post-holiday treat.
"The only person who can deter me from a real housewives marathon is [Dolly Parton]. FYI: a coat of many colors is on NBC right now!" one fan wrote.
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"[Dolly Parton], here I go again, watching “Coat of Many Colors," another fan added. "Dolly Parton I am obsessed with you!! No worries, I have a hard time walking from the kitchen to the front door!! God bless you always!!!"
"So good to see you back, & coincidence, tonight you're on A Coat of Many Colors again! I could enjoy this every year!" a third dropped in.
"Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” is on tv right now and it’s very wholesome. Getcha a fuzzy blanket, popcorn, and your heart will feel so warm. U are welcome," a fourth wrote.
Better yet, Friday night will see NBC show the sequel film at 8 p.m. ET. A nice wholesome cap to the week.
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